Panasonic Air Conditioner Cu-S10PKH/Cs-S10PKH

Origin: Malaysia
Wattage: 1 HP
Use: For room volumes 35-40 m3
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: Contact Us

1. FEATURES intensity sunlight

ECONAVI monitoring changes in light intensity sunlight into the room and determine the sun or cloudy / night and reducing the power wasted in cooling conditions less sunlight.



ECONAVI monitor the movement of people in the room and reduce power waste cooling area no.



ECONAVI change monitoring activity levels and reduce power waste unnecessary cooling.

4. Due to the lack

ECONAVI no supervision in the room and reduce wasted energy by cooling an empty room.




AUTOCOMFORT is a different operation modes designed to bring comfort and help you save power when there is no demand for additional cooling. Just press the button, the machine will determine the conditions in the room and optimize power saving mode and make eye-pleasing. This just means that you can enjoy the same functionality as ECONAVI but more comfortable.

Do not dry cold: Based on the results of the tests on skin moisture depletion, Professor Norio Isoda School Girls Nara asserted high humidity environment will help strengthen the skin's moisture than the environment low humidity (moisture difference with 10% or more). The adjustment precision temperature prevents the rapid decline in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. This small, dry cooling mode helps reduce the phenomenon of dry skin and sore throat as a result of capital Cooling conventional mode.

Super quiet mode operation: Just press the "Quiet" to reduce the noise level of the block in the 3dB down further. This function can fit in the room while she is sleeping and at night.

Rapid cooling mode: Inverter air conditioner cold room can make faster, allowing installing temperature reached about 1.5 times faster than conventional air conditioner.

Seamless blue heatsink: Seamless radiator must be resistant to corrosion by air, rain and other factors. Panasonic has raised the life expectancy of the radiator frame with 3 times more corrosion resistant coating unique.

Power source 220v-240v, 50hz
Power Consumption 730 (W)
Outdoor Dimensions 511 x 650 x 230
Cooler size 290 x 870 x 214
Outdoor Weight 9 Kg
Weight cooler 9 Kg
Type of gas R410A
The maximum length 15m
The maximum height difference 5m

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