RAS-10N3KCV/ACV Toshiba air conditioning - Power saving inverter

Origin: Thailand
Wattage: 1 HP
Use: Use the room vol 35 - 40m3
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: Contact Us

DC Hybrid Inverter technology: leading super energy saving. Save 40% power consumption compared to conventional air conditioning, high cooling capacity and flexibility (reduced electric bill in half).


Sieve System: TOSHIBA System 7 in 1 mesh filter helps prevent dust and dirt can contact you and your loved ones. 7 in 1 Sieve Sieve including Super Gingko, Microbiology Bio Enzyme Filter, Filter Sasa, Vitamin C Filter, Zeolite Filter System, Filter Coffee and sieve against mold formation, the technology to take health care of people in a better way.


Plasma Air Purification System: the ability to clean up to 10 times normal. Exceptional filter mesh perfectly with ionization by generating millions of negative ion sources to bring fresh air and the purest. Persistence with anti-oxidants than 02 times


Cleaning function: When you turn off the air conditioner, the fan inside works automatically in 20 minutes to dry the indoor unit, it reduces moisture to prevent the formation of mold.


Environmental friendly: Use a Gas R410A

Power source 220v,50hz
Power Consumption 0.75 Kw
Outdoor Dimensions 530x660x240
Cooler size 250x740x195
Outdoor Weight 8 Kg
Weight cooler 8 Kg
Type of gas R410A
The maximum length 10m
The maximum height difference 8m

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